About us

Global Scaling Academy™ (GSA) was created to spread the Blitzscaling methodology and share the scaling experience of Silicon Valley with founders in ecosystems around the world. If you have started up, our goal is to support you in scaling up, wherever you are.

The United Nations Sustainable Development goals suggest that the global economy must create 600 million new jobs by 2030. To get there, we need to think differently. We are going to need to invent entirely new industries. Wouldn't it be easier to create 60,000 new 10,000 person companies than 60 million new 10 person companies? To do so, the world urgently needs to get better at scaling startups into massive global companies.

And yet few ecosystems outside of pockets in the US, notably Silicon Valley, and China, have the proven an replicable ability to support scaling. In recent years, our partners have visited dozens of startup ecosystems, in the US and around the world, where we have heard the same story everywhere from founders, investors, government officials and accelerator leaders: they’ve invested heavily in their startup ecosystems but have yet to seen sufficient results. Too few of their startups survive, much less scale.

GSA is our humble attempt to respond to their calls for help.

We built Global Scaling Academy to support founders and partners in ecosystems everywhere in applying the principles of Blitzscaling, which absolutely can work outside of Silicon Valley. Our partners, instructors and network of scaling experts primarily consist of Silicon Valley-based executives with experience scaling technology ventures across industries, business models and functional area disciplines. Our goal is to quickly and efficiently project much-needed scaling expertise wherever it's needed, while bringing a unique approach -Blitzscaling- into the equation.

GSA’s programs and services fill a void in the global startup ecosystem by focusing on directly impacting scale-ups ready for their first, or later, priced rounds.We seek to work 1:1 with the leadership teams of scaling startups, individually, or in partnership with corporations, accelerators or investment funds.


Jeff Abbott
Managing Partner
Scott Johnson
Chris Yeh
Blitzscaling Co-author
Rodrigo de Alvarenga

A Unique Point Of View

Blitzscaling is a unique and counterintuitive way of looking at the challenge of scaling where the goal is to achieve a first-scaler advantage and build a massive global business by sacrificing efficiency for speed in an uncertain environment. Our team and network of scaling experts have founded, operated, scaled, advised and invested in countless technology-based startups. We understand first-hand the challenges and opportunities faced by scaling founders and will challenge you to refine your scaling strategy to achieve your maximum Blitzscaling potential.

Proven and Analytical Approach

The Blitzscaling methodology was developed by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh based on their own direct experience, plus extensive research conducted with the founders, employees and investors of some of the most successful and well-known startups in Silicon Valley. Global Scaling Academy has expanded upon this research and developed a proprietary analytical framework and curriculum that allows us to efficiently pinpoint and prioritize the strategies that will have the largest and most immediate impact on scaling.

Strategic and Tactical

We teach you Blitzscaling strategies, tactics and related frameworks and explore their application to every area of your business. We will dig into the numbers and inner workings of your business with you and use the learning to derive insights that allow you to develop, calibrate and implement strategies and tactics to maximize the scalability of your business. At blitz speed.

Customized to Your Scaling Challenges

Scaling is hard. No two companies’ scaling journey will be the same. Our pre-assessment is designed to assess the current Blitzscalability of your business and, thus, our mutual compatibility. If we don't think we can help you, we will tell you and offer you helpful feedback. If you are invited to join our Blitzscaling Accelerator, you'll work through a thorough and structured program that is at once flexible enough to allow us to detect and respond to the areas of greatest impact to your business and customize execution by partnering you with scaling experts with highly relevant expertise.