"Blitzscaling is what you do when you need to grow really, really fast."            --Reid Hoffman, Co-founder of Linkedin

Prepare your company for Blitzscaling

Based in Silicon Valley, Global Scaling Academy works with                      scaling companies from anywhere in the world to prepare                            them to scale faster.  

Designed around the Blitzscaling framework, which                            incorporates the business model and management                              innovations that have driven the success of                                                      Silicon Valley's most iconic technology                                                  companies, our tools, programs and                                                            services  drive accelerated global growth. 

Let us help you achieve escape velocity.

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Programs & events for leaders and key team members of high-potential growth-stage companies

Put yourself on the path to become the next Amazon, Facebook or Google.

Programs (>1 Day, vary in length)

Blitzscaling Accelerator: Family to Tribe

This is our flagship program, consisting of 8 weekend sessions (over 2-4 months) in Silicon Valley, designed for startup founders who want a comprehensive and foundational grounding in Blitzscaling.  The program covers growth frameworks needed to build capabilities across all stages of the Blitzscaling Lifecycle.  For founders of companies scaling between Family (1-9 employees) and  Tribe (10-199 employees) stage.  

Duration: 30-60 min

Blitzscaling Immersion

3-day on-site Blitzscaling intensive workshop (at your place or ours). This program will provide a deep dive into building detailed Blitzscaling strategies by working through real examples. 

Duration: 30-60 min

Blitzscaling Consulting: Tribe to Village

We customize programs for the leaders of companies moving from Tribe (10-99 employees ) to Village (100-999 employees), after conducting an on-site needs assessment.  Can also include employee training. 

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Events (1 Day or Less)

Blitzscaling Keynote

Crank up the power at your next conference or event by adding a Blitzscaling keynote by Chris Yeh to the agenda.

Duration: 30-60 min

Can your business Blitzscale?

Learn the Blitzscaling model and the business model elements that will enhance the scaling of your business.  At the end of the event, you will have the necessary tools to continue the growth process. 

Duration: ½ day live event

Blitzscaling in a Day

Learn and apply the Blitzscaling framework to your startup or growth initiative and discover what's needed to enhance scalability . For leaders of businesses of all sizes.

Duration: 1 day event
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What is Blitzscaling?

The pursuit of rapid growth by prioritizing speed over efficiency in the face of uncertainty.  


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Scaling up


Fast Scaling

Can your business Blitzscale?

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“Chris was one of my company’s earliest advisors, and he began sharing the lessons of Blitzscaling from the beginning. As a result, we were able to go from a squad of friends with no startup experience to a Y Combinator backed business in about a year.”

Brandon Hill

Brandon Hill

CEO, Greo.com

“As one our earliest advisors, Chris began conditioning us to apply the protocols of Blitzscaling from the start. My advice to other founders? Start learning how to apply Blizscaling to your business as soon as possible.”

Bobby Touran

Bobby Touran

Founder ApplyKit and EIR HVF Labs

“We were lucky to have Chris as one of our earliest advisors, and he began sharing the tools and mindset of Blitzscaling with us right from the start. Applying this framework with our talented team and partners helped us grow over 3x year over year.”

Chris Herbert

Chris Herbert

Founder and Board Member, Trackr

We Work With Scaling Companies

We work directly with the key leaders of scaling companies, and often do so in partnership with organizations who are also seeking to maximize and sustain the scaling of their most promising portfolio companies.


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Corporate Ventures/Innovation

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Webinar with Chris yeh, Blitzscaling Co-author


Tuesdays at 8:00am Pacific Time

5 reasons why you should join us for one of our regularly scheduled webinars:

  • Up your scaling game: the blitzscaling framework is relevant to companies and organizations of all sizes.
  • Move faster: globalization means we're going to see more blitzscaling. Not just a little more, but a lot more.
  • Fend-off competition:  blitzscaling can prepare you to fend off competition from anywhere on the globe that may beat you to scale.
  • Invest smarter: blitzscaling principles improve your ability to make smarter investment and resource allocation decisions 
  • Bonus: Gain a better understanding of our programs and how we work with partners. Explore if we're a good fit.

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Our growing list of partners includes:

Start-Up Chile
Wasabi Ventures
Blitzcaling Ventures