We Blitzscale Innovation

Speed is a defining characteristic — if not the defining characteristic — of the market-leader in virtually every industry you look at. It is the ultimate competitive weapon.  An outsize proportion of the value created in the last 20 years has been created by technology-enabled companies who "blitzscaled," and that will be even more the case in the next 20.  We're here to ensure you participate in that value creation.

Global Scaling Academy™ (GSA) was created to share the practices of Silicon Valley's fastest-growing companies with startup founders and corporate innovation leaders in ecosystems around the world.  We project much-needed scaling expertise wherever it's needed, by bringing a unique approach—blitzscaling—into the equation.

Leaders and innovators tend to think of speed as an asset primarily as it relates to new product development. Lean thinking, minimum viable products, agile development and a “move fast and break things” mentality, most would agree, are how you win when it comes to product.  But they frequently overlook how much speed matters to the rest of the business. Amazon is fast. General Electric is slow. Startups are fast. Big companies are slow. It’s been made obvious that fast equals good, but there’s been precious little written about how to develop the institutional and employee reflexes needed to harness speed as a repetitive source of competitive advantage.

Until now. 

We’re deeply convinced and driven by the belief that, when it comes to scaling and innovation, fast decisions are far better than slow ones--and radically better than no decisions. Many will caution that moving fast means sacrificing quality and unduly increasing risk, and we acknowledge that blitzscaling can lead to blitzfailing when you misread the signals.  But most of the time, in our experience, doing something fast versus doing it well does not always represent such a stark tradeoff.  In fact, it's often an illusion to believe that you even have that choice.  In today's technology-enabled, global economy, more and more markets are driven by winner-take-all or winner-take-most dynamics, which means that coming in second could be a very distant, painful and permanent second.  You need to be excellent at what you do, and excel at being fast, at the same time.

The way to win in this environment is by mastering the business models, strategies and management techniques appropriate to each stage of organizational growth that create and help you maintain the capacity for speed while knowing when to counterbalance it with the appropriate levels of process to hold and improve the ground you've won.  

Through the consistent and proactive reinforcement of  these blitzscaling techniques, its possible to transform ourselves as founders, executives and employees to be faster, more efficient company-building machines. When enough members of a team master these techniques and habits, and are rewarded with reinforcement, compensation, and promotions, the organization itself will gain velocity and the ability to blitzscale new products, ventures, or completely new lines of business, over-and-over again.

Our team of founders, operators and venture investors works hand-in-hand with scaling founders, and leaders of large organizations, who are trying to identify and rapidly scale innovation.  We specialize in bringing them together at lightning-speed to form value creating partnerships.



Jeff Abbott
Managing Partner
Scott Johnson
Chris Yeh
Blitzscaling Co-author