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Barry James Folsom

Barry James Folsom

Visionary Strategist, Strategic Marketing, and Operational Executive

Barry James Folsom

Visionary Strategist, Strategic Marketing and Operational Executive

Barry James is a visionary strategist and operational executive who alters the game by using 'unfair advantages' as the basis for delivering sustaining profitable growth and consistently improving margins. He has been CEO of public and private companies.

Barry has over 35 years of executive management and strategic marketing experience in digital media, internet, and high tech, with a successful track record of rapidly growing divisions and companies into billion-dollar category leaders.

Barry has played pivotal roles in four major game-changing market categories: PCs, Workstations, Internet Data Centers and Web Conferencing. He has extensive Internet, entertainment, digital media, cloud computing services, collaboration, connected consumer devices (mobile, home), and computing devices (desktops/servers) experience. His teams have sold over $2B of products and services.

As a respected company leader at PlaceWare, Barry was Frost & Sullivan's 2002 CEO of the Year. Also in 2002, PlaceWare was the 4th fastest-growing private company in Silicon Valley. At Exodus Communications, Barry worked as Senior VP of Marketing and Sales. In 1997, Exodus was ranked one of the Silicon Valley's top 10 fastest growing private companies by The San Jose Business Journal for 2 years in a row.

Barry is a frequent speaker at venues such as Ad:Tech, Media Summit, Digital Hollywood, & Digital Connections.

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