Blitzscaling for Incubators and Accelerators

Who It’s For:

  • Founders/ CEOs / Executive Directors, key leadership team members of incubators and accelerators seeking to strengthen their ability to help client companies achieve scaling and growth
  • Scaling program directors, curriculum development leaders, mentorship program directors
  • Incubators & accelerators seeking a partner to support the scaling of their most promising portfolio companies, including internationally.
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In startup ecosystems around the world there has been a veritable explosion in the number of incubators and accelerators focusing on early-stage startups. Whether privately or publicly-funded, they represent an extraordinary collective investment in supporting the growth of the companies of the future.  And yet in most ecosystems, there is also the recognition that too few of the companies that get started survive, much less are able to achieve scale.  The best way for established incubation and acceleration programs to fend off the challenge from new disruptors trying to take away your business is to differentiate yourself by learning how to blitzscale your startups before they can blitzscale you!

The Blitzscaling for Incubators and Accelerators program is an intense "train the trainer" program designed to deeply inculcate incubator and accelerator leaders and staff with the principles of blitzscaling so that you can, in turn, magnify your impact by challenging the founders you support to incorporate the technological, business model, and management innovations required to blitzscale earlier in their startup lifecycle.  To survive and thrive, you also need to execute rapid change; blitzscaling is how you outrun the competition.

The program is co-directed by GSA Co-founders Chris Yeh and Jeff Abbott, along with other expert guests who will serve as instructors and mentors throughout the program.

You and your team will learn how to assess the blitzscalability of potential business lines and initiatives, and how to best organize your company's efforts to rapidly grow those businesses.  You'll learn the Business Model, Strategy, and Management Innovations that have enabled Silicon Valley to produce the majority (10 of 17) of the world's $100+ billion technology companies, and how to apply these techniques to your own organization and the companies you support.

You'll also learn how to defend against other blitzscalers, so that you can turn the tables on the upstarts that are trying to disrupt your business.

Blitzscaling Executive Summary

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Blitzscaling for Incubators and Accelerators Participants will:

  • Participate in intimate, intensive learning sessions focused on apprehending and applying the blitzscaling framework in a variety of use-cases  
  • Learn how to employ official Blitzscaling hands-on tools and materials in real-world settings, and return home ready to have an immediate impact on your client companies
  • Be proudly awarded a Diploma as "Certified Blitzscaling Fellow" 
  • Become members of GSA's official "Blitzscaling Fellows" community, comprised of a highly select group of certified practitioners around the world who add value to one another  
  • Receive a signed copy of the Blitzscaling book

Ready to Blitzscale Your Business?

Applicants invited to participate after their interview will receive detailed information about the program structure and content.

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