Blitzscaling for Market Leaders:

Corporate Innovation & Corporate Ventures

Who It’s For:

  • Corporate innovation teams, corporate venture groups
  • C-suite executives, division leaders, and general managers
  • Board of Directors
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Every industry and every company feels the impact of blitzscaling.  Software is eating the world, and it's getting hungrier.  The best way for established companies to fend off the challenge from new disruptors trying to take away your business is to blitzscale them before they can blitzscale you!

The Blitzscaling for Market Leaders program teaches you the principles of blitzscaling so that you can blitzscale new innovations and business units.  To survive and thrive, you need to execute rapid change; blitzscaling is how you outrun the competition.

The program is co-directed by GSA Co-founders Chris Yeh and Jeff Abbott, along with other expert guests who will serve as instructors and mentors throughout the program.

You and your team will learn how to assess the blitzscalability of potential business lines and initiatives, and how to best organize your company's efforts to rapidly grow those businesses.  You'll learn the Business Model, Strategy, and Management Innovations that have enabled Silicon Valley to produce the majority (10 of 17) of the world's $100+ billion technology companies, and how to apply these techniques to your own organization.

You'll also learn how to defend against other blitzscalers, so that you can turn the tables on the startups that are trying to disrupt your business.

Blitzscaling Executive Summary

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