Blitzscaling for Educators

Who It’s For:

  • Professors /instructors / clinical instructors / lecturers on entrepreneurship & innovation
  • C-level and department level administrators of educational institutions responsible for strategic curriculum development and strategic growth initiatives
  • Educational institutions seeking to address scaling in their business school curriculum 
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Do you teach business or entrepreneurship? Whether you are teaching the Business Model Canvas or mentoring early stage startups, it’s never too early to teach scalability. Global Scaling Academy’s Blitzscaling program will enhance the content of your course with innovative scalability curriculum.

The Blitzscaling program infuses concepts of innovation and scalability to help you craft world-class courses and lectures about business models with maximal growth. Our curriculum offers hands-on situations your students will take beyond the classroom, and billion-dollar practices that lead Silicon Valley companies to becoming successful enterprises across every industry. With our program, your students will leave the classroom lucrative change-makers who understand how to disrupt industries, who can craft and implement scalable business models for their ventures.

Blitzscaling Executive Summary

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