Blitzscaling Investor Academy

Who It’s For:

  • Venture capitalists, funds-of-funds, limited partners, family offices, other institutional investors, and angel investors
  • Economic development agencies, sovereign wealth funds, national or regional startup initiatives, and other policymakers 
  • Impact investors and social enterprise funds
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What is the secret that has allowed Silicon Valley's venture capitalists to help build the majority (10 out of 17) of the world's $100 billion+ technology companies?  The answer is blitzscaling.

Blitzscaling is the optimal method for dominating winner-take-most and winner-take-all markets and building global leaders like Facebook and Google.

The Blitzscaling Investor Academy helps investors of all kinds to understand the principles of blitzscaling, and how to apply them to increase the chances of making "home run" investments whether directly (as in the case of venture capitalists, family offices, and other funds) or indirectly (as in the case of limited partners, funds-of-funds, or other institutional investors).

You'll learn how to evaluate potential investments for their blitzscalability, and how to support your investments through the various stages of growth to optimize for massive outcomes.

The program is co-directed by GSA Co-founders Chris Yeh, Scott Johnson, and Jeff Abbott, along with other expert guests.

Blitzscaling Executive Summary

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