Blitzscaling Training at AWS

Special thanks to Rich Hua of Amazon Web Services for the invitation to join the AWS sales team recently at their digs in downtown San Francisco. We appreciated the warm welcome, and they appreciated the opportunity to hear from GSA partner and Blitzscaling co-author Chris Yeh about how the Blitzscaling framework can be a useful tool for sales organization when it comes to strategic customer prioritization and resource allocation. 

Global Scaling Academy has translated the central elements of  Blitzscaling into an evaluative framework (also employed by our investment firm Blitzscaling Ventures) that allows us to evaluate the "blitzscalability" of any company at a moment in time. 

Amazon Web Services seeks to grow its business with startups, and often offers credits to startups just getting started. But there's a good deal of guesswork involved in knowing how to go about determining which of the thousands of startups they support in this fashion around the world have the greatest potential to scale, and may thus warrant a higher than standard level of support in early days in order to nurture them growth into valuable, long-term clients. 

That's where GSA's Blitzscalability assessment can play a role. By evaluating customers in terms of their potential to scale, organizations can look at resource allocation through a new lens. We're looking forward to hearing how it favorably impacts AWS' business.

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Jeff Abbott

Jeff Abbott

Jeff Abbott is the co-founder of Global Scaling Academy and a founding partner of Blitzscaling Ventures.

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