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Kevin Cornell

Kevin Cornell

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of Voosh LLC. and Ambicom Holdings Inc., and Veloxum Corporation

Kevin Cornell

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of Voosh LLC. and Ambicom Holdings Inc.

Kevin Cornell understands computer technology to its core. His strength is in creating leading edge products with massive markets, then building and executing the business to profitability. Kevin has a great appreciation for creating things that have never been done before. In his rather long history in technology he has been instrumental in: creating the first wide-scale email system, selling and feature-designing the first Oracle Financials sale, developing the first high-performance SMB servers, designing the first SAN monitoring and remediation app, and co-creating the first automated computer tuning app.

On the business side, he has worked for large multinationals as well as starting his own companies, managing everything from a small group to a worldwide company with thousands of employees. 

As shown in his experiences above, Kevin is a proven enterprise technology executive with extensive experience and deep understanding of how to build software and hardware products for maximum competitive advantage. A proven track record of taking companies in crisis and making them grow profitably. A proven leader, capable of recruiting and retaining the best of breed. A strong background in sales, mergers and acquisitions, product design, marketing, and staff motivation.

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