Executive Team Intensive

Who It’s For:

  • Founders/ CEOs / Key leadership team members of companies seeking to maximize their scaling and growth
  • Businesses with demonstrated product-market fit and revenue typically between $50K and $800K MRR
  • Companies seeking to scale internationally, including to the US
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Blitzscaling Global Growth Accelerator is a highly-selective 12-session program where we work 1:1 with the leaders and key team members of individual companies. This virtual program is open to companies working in the B2B, B2C, Enterprise SaaS or Marketplace space and can be taken from anywhere in the world.

The program is co-directed by GSA Co-founders Chris Yeh and Jeff Abbott and GSA. GSA Co-founders Katherine Glassey and Scott Johnson will participate regularly, along with other special scaling expert guests, as instructors and mentors throughout the program.

Participating companies will work through a structured yet flexible curriculum through which they will learn the Blitzscaling methodology and other actionable growth and company scaling frameworks, be inspired with real stories from leading scaling experts from well-known Silicon-Valley startup companies, and build meaningful relationships with scaling expert mentors, and other peer scaling practitioners, in the extended GSA community.

We will follow a systematic 4-Step approach to thinking about, acting on, and solving scaling challenges: Learn, Discuss & Identify, Design & Plan, Implement that means you will immediately take the learning from each session back to your company and work on implementation, supported by GSA Partners, instructors and scaling mentors.

Some companies are more scalable than others, and every company’s scaling journey is unique, but all companies face similar scaling challenges. Our goal is to maximize the scalability of every company by discovering the drivers of maximum scalability that can be identified in various areas across your startup and how to leverage them to unleash growth at blitz-speed. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail at growing large, global businesses will come down to how they incorporate and execute what they learn, and effectively prioritize for maximum scaling impact.

Blitzscaling Executive Summary

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Applicants invited to participate after their interview will receive detailed information about the program structure and content.

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