Expert Pitch Coach, Tim Taylor, Works With GSA Founders To Refine Their Scaling Story

    Global Scaling Academy Pitch coaching for scaling companiesTim Taylor, one of Global Scaling Academy's most trusted pitch coaches (director of global strategic partnerships at in his spare time) and official pitch coach to famed Silicon Valley investor group the Band of Angels, joined us today for a work session. 

    Tim shared his thoughts with our current cohort of 12 international startups about how to rework and refine their pitch decks for success in telling their scaling stories to Silicon Valley investors. 

    IIf you've come to Silicon Valley seeking to find customers and capital in order to scale (your already scaling) business in the US, we apply the Blitzscaling framework to identify scaling opportunities and roadblocks and work to identify sustainable strategies to fundamentally impact your business model. In the course of doing that, we work with experts like Tim to integrate this augmented scaling story into your pitch in a way that combines effective telling of your scaling story with language that works with Silicon Valley investors.