GSA Announces Partnership With Startupbootcamp Scale SF Program 3SLP

    Global Scaling Academy, the world's premier scaling stage program based on the Blitzscaling framework developed by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh, announces that it has partnered with Startupbootcamp to power their SF Scale program 3SLP in Silicon Valley. #sbcScaleSF #3SLandingPad @sbcScaleSF @startupbootcamp

    "We can't wait to get started working with Çiğdem and her amazing team to help some of the top scale-ups from around the world to continue their scaling journey in the US," said Jeff Abbott, GSA Managing Partner.foto.jpg

    GSA Managing Partner, Jeff Abbott, and 3SLP Managing Director, Çiğdem Toraman.   Istanbul, 2017.

    3SLP is a group of three partners including leading early-stage technology fund StartersHub, Starcamp (the Silicon Valley arm of a consortium of 5 leading Turkish universities), and Startupbootcamp.  The 3SLP partners are recruiting for scaling stage companies around the world, and selected participants will be offered investment and financial support that will allow them to work in Silicon Valley for 6 months while scaling their business. 

    As 3SLP's scaling partner, Global Scaling Academy will participate in company selection, and will provide a complete scaling curriculum based on the Blitzscaling framework, along with hands-on group and 1:1 mentorship for participating companies throughout the program.  ChrisYeh1.jpeg

    Blitzscaling co-author Chris Yeh said "we have taken the Blitzscaling framework, distilled from Reid Hoffman's and my own direct experience as founders and investors in Silicon Valley, plus research conducted with the founders and leaders of dozens of the valley's most iconic companies, and developed a complete scaling curriculum designed to assist founders in increasing the inherent "blitzscalability" of their businesses by focusing on incorporating critical growth factors and reducing factors that limit growth.  We are excited to put it to work for the first time with the companies participating in Startupbootcamp Scale San Francisco program 3SLP."

    Global Scaling Academy works directly with scaling companies, often with partners like 3SLP, to help them discover and execute the strategies that will help them achieve their companies' maximum growth potential while preparing them to sustain it.