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Pick The Most Scalable Startups Out From The Crowd and  Engage With Them At    Lightning-Speed


The Valuer Methodology 



Why Use 

Way More Than 500 Startups

In fact, the platform currently holds over 400,000 startups representing every corner of the globe, and that number is continuously growing.  This is proprietary data, gathered and curated in-house, not a rehash of something you and (everyone else) have already seen.  

Don't Outsource Your Innovation Search--Drive It

Countless people across your organization devote innumerable hours to thinking about where the future growth of your company is going to come from.  Senior executives, digital transformation teams, strategy and innovation organizations, CVC teams, engineers and technologists.  Where does all that information go? How is it channeled into concrete and measurable innovation discovery?  The best place for it is in the Valuer platform, where it will train our AI to get better and better at finding matches for your strategic innovation requirements while ignoring what you already know or don't want.


Mission Plan Alignment


AI Guided By Expert Human Intelligence: Yours

We understand that any AI is only as good as the human intelligence that guides it.  That's why we involve you upfront in setting the parameters of your startup and innovation search, and keep you involved at every stage of process to help train our algorithms to learn what you're looking for, and exclude what you're not.  Think of it that it's really you performing the search, with a lot of help.

Global "Swarm" of Innovation Scouts

Valuer's AI isn't working alone.  Its power is augmented by an ever-multiplying global network of scouts that respond to your every search by scouring their ecosystems and any source they can find to contribute data points aligned with your needs.  They are present in leading ecosystems, and we focus them around known clusters of strength in given areas of R&D.  They can be swarmed to, or recruited in, places farther afield when that's what's needed to complete your mission.


Global Scouting Network


Expert Network

At the 60-day mark, when we will have filtered the search down to the 25 best-matching startups, our panel of industry experts will be called upon to contribute their expertise by evaluating and commenting on the startups right on the Valuer platform, offering you additional perspectives to aid in your selection process.  You can also nominate experts to expand the depth of your review panel.

25 Matched Startups Per Quarter. Not Per Year. 

At the end of each Mission, every 90 days, you'll receive fully-curated report describing in detail the 25 top matching companies.  The top 10 of your choice will be sent to you in an attractive, bound, magazine-quality report


Quarterly Matchmaking Results

No "Innovation Theater" Here

Compare our approach to the typical vertically-focused startup acceleration program that graduates between 10-15 startups for a client partner organization like yours every 3-6 months. These programs generally cost a small fortune to run ($1.5m per year?) because they have to rent facilities, rush to quickly hire an often inexperienced local team of generalists, and recruit mentors willing to work for free.  Even then, it's never clear (because it's entirely random) where or how they found the startups.  But you may not discover that until it's too late, because you won't get to see much of them until the theater curtains open on "Demo Day." 

Sadly, in this world of innovation theater, if you don't find good matches there are no do-overs. Your money is gone, and worse still, your precious time. When speed is everything, and competition surrounds you from all sides, can you afford to continue working this way?

Innovation Radar That's Always Running

Every time you complete a Mission (targeted search) on the Valuer platform, detailed, curated  profiles about each startup, and how it matches your strategic innovation requirements, is populated on the platform.  But this information does not just sit there and become stale; as new information is learned about each startup the profiles are continually refreshed.  Since you define the searches, and select the companies along the way, the platform and innovation radar represent a tangible that asset that you can rely on to make sure your company doesn't miss the next blitzscaling company that could disrupt your industry.


Blitzscalers that Disrupted

The #1 Corporate / Startup

Matching and Collaboration Platform

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